Kayla Gurme made its start in the sector in 2015 with the aim of "delivering the most natural black mulberry products to its customers"; Since then, it has become the leading company delivering the most natural black mulberry products to many regions of Turkey.

Kayla Gurme, which launched the flavors of black mulberry juice, black mulberry tea and black mulberry Turkish coffee to Turkey, has expanded its supply range with several more products such as coffee of all types, herbal teas (brewed) and fruit berry teas and offered them to customers.

In order to achieve its planned growth targets, our company continues its path with stronger and determined steps in its new building in Istanbul with an area of 2000 m2, gathering the Production, Sales, Marketing and Management at one point.

Kayla Gurme, which has a customer portfolio of over 750 in the Anatolian and European sides of Istanbul, also cooperates with dealers in 45 provinces throughout Turkey.

While our company adds value to our end consumers and business partners with our facilities and products that prioritize customer satisfaction and needs, as a company that aims for perfect quality in its products and operations, it has received certifications such as Food Codex, ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Certificate and Halal Certificate, which companies of this type are to have.

Growing steadily in the Turkish market, Kayla Gurme, with its successful sales and marketing strategies in foreign markets exports to

( In Europe)

England, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France

(In Asia)

Mongolia, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia

(In Africa)

Ivory Coast and Gabon.

Kayla Gurme, with the importance it attaches to naturalness and quality as well as its innovative stance, is taking firm steps forward to deliver the most natural and special flavors to its customers.